• Windows Hider

    Windows Hider

    Windows Hider is designed to protect your privacy by instantly hiding windows in the taskbar.

    Groups help you to split windows, which allows you to control what will be hidden in different situations.

    In Windows Hider there are also options to mute sound as well as using stealth mode so nobody will be able to detect it.

  • Visual Command Line

    Visual Command Line

    Visual Command Line is a tool which eases the way of creating bat files (that are used by the Command Prompt in Windows). The user interface of Visual Command Line is composed of panels and categories to simplify the interaction of the user with the program.

    The user interface also allows the user to easily choose a command, add it, and edit the command the way the user wants to. With advanced features such as Commands Explorer and export to HTML, you will happily switch to Visual Command Line.

    Visual Command Line was made for everyone to use - basic, advanced users and for all the retro lovers of the Command Prompt.

  • Schedule Manager

    Schedule Manager

    Schedule Manager enables you to design your daily routine and perform various tasks (such as auto shutdown, alarm and download file at a specific time).

    When it comes to timing, Schedule Manager offers flexibility - specific time, hourly basis, daily bases or weekly basis.

    Choosing a sound to draw attention is a great option in Schedule Manager since you can choose one of several built-in sounds or you can assign your own.

Windows Hider Visual Command Line Schedule Manager

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